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Customer Reviews for To Kill A Mockingbird

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Overall, what a wonderful production! Last time I saw this show was at the Barksdale theater in 2002 with Joe Inscoe as Atticus finch and I believe an actor named Shawn Plummer played Bob Ewell

Doug Richards from Richmond, Virginia
28th February 2024

Thought the production was wonderful, and went to the Marriott hotel for drinks and dinner before and had an excellent time! Great job, Richmond!!!!!


J. Brown from Greensboro, North Carolina
20th May 2024

This is an excellent adaptation of my favorite book. The performance was heartfelt. I really enjoy a play when the cast is committed and the emotion is palpable. It's safe to say this is my absolute favorite performance. I can't recommend this show enough.

Great Performance. Very Powerfull

Dgg from Knoxville, Tennessee
4th April 2024

Go see this if you get the chance. It was a superb perfornance.

Lloyd from Detroit

Lloyd Barnes from Detroit, Michigan
18th March 2024

Excellent performance with a message for those who wish to kill or persecute the innocent today as they did back in the 1930’s. If we need an example of a dedicated Advocate to emulate, see Atticus Finch. Bravo Bravo to the entire cast!!


Shawn from Detroit, Michigan
17th March 2024

What an incredible experience. Acting was phenomenal. Only downside was the audience , who for the most part, acted as if they have never been to a play before…laughing at in appropriate times, cell phones ringing and constant coughing ( note…if you are having a coughing spell, get up and leave the theatre for a few minutes so others can hear the actors)

Great Show

Mary Jane from Indianapolis, Indiana
29th January 2024

I was thinking the movie was so intense, how was it going to be on stage? Richard Thomas was great, as so was the whole cast. I liked the way they did put a little humor into it. I was very glad I went to see it. It did send the same message I got from the original movie.