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Customer Reviews for Squeeze and Psychedelic Furs

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mola from Seattle, Washington
6th October 2023

I have no music credentials, but I just have to say I agree with both of the previous reviews. Squeeze sounded way too drum-heavy, for sure. I either happened to be walking out of the show behind one of you (having this conversation), or it was a common sentiment. But, still a very fun concert and overall quite good.

Great night.

Iain from Los Angeles, California
15th October 2023

Agree with everything already mentioned. Sound was a bit off for Squeeze. I’d read that Squeeze were on last typically then I heard they switch each night. Overall excellent evening. Glen Tilbrook guitar playing is still marvelous. I was surprised how good PF were too don’t know as many of their songs as Squeeze but a great show by both bands.

My thoughts on the show

Tom Loftus from Allentown Pennsylvania
16th September 2023

I thought the psychedelic furs were great. I wish I could give the show 5 stars. I was disappointed not by squeeze, but whoever the idiot was that was doing the sound for them. He had the drums totally drowning out the rest of the band. Apparently he never heard their music before. Squeeze's music is not about loud ponding drums. I find it amazing how you can have one band sound perfect. Excuse my language, but have the headline band sound like shit. I suggest whoever was mixing the sound. Should take off his headphones and actually listen to what the band sounds like to the audience. I love the music of squeeze and I feel bad for them that some idiot ruined their performance. Just for the record I do know what I am talking about. I have been booking bands for the last 40 years.

Psychedelic Furs and Squeeze

J. Naphin from Ontario, Canada
26th September 2023

Have to say that previous reviewer Tom is spot on, and I said the same thing during the concert and afterwards. I thought the drums for the Furs were somewhat heavy-handed, but they weren't glaringly so because their music lends itself to a louder low end. To have the same audio set-up for Squeeze was ridiculous at times. In one of the latter songs, the drums were actually making my heart pound in my chest. Apart from that distraction, the musicians and vocalists were just incredible, considering they've been belting these out for 40+ years. Richard Butler might even sound a little better these days, and Glenn Tillbrook/Chris Difford strained themselves a few times, but damned if they didn't reach all their high notes! I last saw them 38 years ago in 1985 at Kingswood in Ontario, and they were almost as good as then (though I do miss Jools). Part of me wishes they weren't sticking to the exact formula of timing/playlist that they are for every stop on this tour, but I'll take it!

Wish I could give the double bill a 5 star, but…

Melinda Seyer from Los Angeles, California
14th October 2023

First off, I didn’t really notice a problem with the drum set-up other reviews noticed. I thought Squeeze sounded amazing, the musicianship of the entire band shined through. My only complaint is that their set didn’t last longer, but that’s the problem with a double bill. I was looking forward to seeing the Furs, it was my first time seeing them live. I am a fan of their music. I don’t know if the microphone was not working correctly, but the lead singer sounded terrible. I could hardly hear him. It didn’t seem to get much better as it went along. I’m sorry to say, we left a few songs into their performance it was so distracting.