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Diana Krall

Brenda from Tampa
20th February 2024

Loved it all! Our favorite part was her solo songs. All was beautiful and sound was excellent. We were close on left side. Could see her hands playing and her pretty face and expressions.

St. George Theater in Staten Island

Amanda Trees from New York, New York
10th March 2024

It was a treat to finally get to see Diana Krall perform last night in Staten Island. I had been looking forward for a long time! It was pouring rain outside and amazed to even get there without being a deep sea diver. Inside the theater, which was delightfully opulent, Diana gave a full out opulent performance complete with purring passionate vocals and wonderful twists and turns at the piano. I found her coolness works for her, it was admirable to note the obvious adoration of the people who came out in a hurricane to see her, and even when she was cool in a shy way, it still conveyed her affectionate relationship with the audience and her band members, all of whom were delightful as well!

The Stars Fall for Diana Krall

Dorothy Hawkins from Middleton, WI
31st July 2023

Last night's concert by Diana Krall and friends was top-notch. Each player had their say - and the ensemble as a whole thoroughly delighted the audience who attended. I'll be sure to get tickets early when Diana Krall comes back to Madison. White hot - but in such a unique, understated way - a total delight to those of us who revel in such musical merry-making!


Alison H from Washington
12th August 2023

It is unimaginable how this woman has been traveling for the better part of a year through most of Europe and the US, performing back to back or every other night, and continues to pour her heart and soul into her work through the extraordinary gifts she has to share. Her performances are deep and unparalleled. Never miss an opportunity to witness Diana Krall perform.

Lifted higher

Grace Thomsen from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
10th October 2022

My husband asked me to get us tickets for the original date in Milwaukee. I got us good seats, not knowing anything about her but wanting to surprise him. Two years later, I was the one surprised. Her vocals lifted me to higher ground. Her piano playing, in my husband’s words, was like walking on water. It was a true collaboration with her three band members, each a star who entered Diana’s orbit and gave us a celestial experience. This woman has special powers!


Mully from Chicago, Illinois
10th October 2022

She is amazing and her band is phenomenal!